Google accused of stealing AI technology in massive $7 billion patent case

Google faces billions in damages over alleged infringement
Google on trial for allegedly copying AI technology from rival company

In a case with potentially massive implications for the future of artificial intelligence, tech giant Google is facing a multibillion-dollar patent infringement lawsuit over its AI technology. The trial, kicking off today in a Boston federal court, pits Google against Singular Computing, a company founded by Massachusetts-based computer scientist Joseph Bates.

Singular Computing’s Accusation:

Bates alleges that Google’s Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), specialized processors powering AI features in products like Google Search, Gmail, and Translate, infringe on patents he holds. The company is seeking a staggering $7 billion in damages, which would more than double the largest patent infringement award ever granted in US history, reports Reuters.

Google’s Defense:

Google maintains its innocence, calling Singular’s patents “dubious” and claiming its TPU technology was developed independently over many years. Spokesperson Jose Castaneda said, “We look forward to setting the record straight in court.”

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The Stakes are High:

The outcome of this trial could have significant repercussions for both companies and the broader AI landscape. A win for Singular Computing could set a precedent for future patent lawsuits regarding AI technology, potentially hindering innovation and increasing legal costs for companies developing in this critical space. Conversely, a victory for Google could solidify its dominance in the AI market and provide valuable legal protection for its TPU technology.

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