Watch – Kanye West Faces Backlash for ‘Humiliating’ Wife Bianca Censori in Viral Video, Sparks Outrage

Kanye West Faces Backlash: 'Humiliating' Wife Bianca Censori in Viral Video Sparks Outrage

‘Kanye loves to humiliate his muses,’ video of Kanye West and wife Bianca Censori sparks debate online.

A new video featuring Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori has gone viral, sparking discussion and debate online. The celebrities, known for their “way too bold” public displays of affection, were captured navigating through a crowd of spectators at a Las Vegas casino.

The celebration marked the 29th birthday of a model and architect who married the American rapper after his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Accusations were aimed at Kanye West, alleging that he embarrassed his wife, Bianca Censori, as fans observed what they considered to be an inappropriate detail in an unedited video.

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Kanye West blasted for ‘humiliating’ wife Bianca Censori

Not only internet users but also the drummer for System of a Down, John Dolmayan, criticised West’s approach. Just a few days ago, the Vultures singer posted a series of photos of Bianca covered in an incredibly skimpy bikini top and even captioned one of the three posts as “No pants this year.”

On January 6, celebrating her birthday, he praised her as a “beautiful super bad iconic muse, inspirational talented artist, master’s degree in architecture, [with a] 140 IQ.” Not only this, but also called her the “best stepmom and love of his life.” However, fans find it conflicting as this is the same Kanye West who reportedly advised his ex-wife Kim to dress more modestly when they were together.

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The Yeezy founder himself was decked up in a winter-appropriate, long-sleeved black top with gray pants, while Bianca, in contrast, seemed ready for the beach. She paired the micro bikini top with a cover-up and went completely barefoot.

Dolmayan criticises Kanye West for wife’s revealing photos

The System of a Down drummer, John Dolmayan, remarked per Messenger, “Show some class, man.” He added, “You have kids who look up to you for moral guidance, and your wife is supposed to be the person you protect the most. She’s not meant to be your trophy; she’s your source of pride and dignity. This isn’t the way.”

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