Kangana Supports Vicky’s Parents; Criticizes Ankita’s Obsession with Sushant

Kangana Supports Vicky's Parents; Criticizes Ankita's Obsession with Sushant

Bigg Boss 17 makers are airing the Family Week this weekend. The maximum curiosity is about the entry of Vicky Jain’s mother Ranjana, and Ankita Lokhande’s mom, Vandana Phadnis. The lady told Ankita Lokhande that after seeing the scenes where she hit Vicky Jain, his father asked the actress’ mom if she did the same to her late husband.

This leaves the actress visibly upset. She says there was no need for this as it has not been even a year since her father passed away. Fans of Ankita Lokhande and others have slammed the mother of Vicky Jain as a toxic woman. They feel she should get divorced as this family is not suitable for her in the long run.

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Kangana Ranaut has now put up a long tweet on how people should stop calling Ankita Lokhande’s in-laws names. She said that the generational mindset differs, and people living in urban areas find it hard to believe. Kangana Ranaut said that Vicky Jains stood by her like a rock even when she kept on talking about late Sushant Singh Rajput.

Fans have varied reactions to Kangana Ranaut’s post

Fans have said that while she might be right on some matters, nothing gave her mom-in-law right to talk like this. They also said that media does not have a nuanced view, and only thrives on controversy. After the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, both Kangana Ranaut and Ankita Lokhande had given multiple interviews. Many are upset saying that she only used his name to get sympathy on the show.

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