Kharge Tells Karnataka ministers to ‘shut their mouths’ over deputy CM talk

Karnataka ministers to "shut their mouths"

New Delhi, Jan 13: In a bid to curb internal dissent and project unity, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has issued a stern warning to ministers in the Karnataka government.

At a recent brainstorming session for ministers of four Congress-ruled states, Kharge reportedly told Karnataka ministers to “shut their mouths” on the ongoing controversy surrounding the creation of more Deputy Chief Minister (DyCM) posts.

The brewing discontent within the Karnataka Congress party stems from Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s alleged proposal to add more DyCM positions, a move perceived by some as a way to appease different factions within the party.

This issue has sparked public debate and fueled internal rivalries, threatening to damage the party’s image ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, reports The Indian Express.

Kharge, visibly miffed at the public airing of grievances, directly targeted Minister KN Rajanna, a staunch Siddaramaiah loyalist, for repeatedly advocating for more DyCM posts.

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He questioned Rajanna’s actions, especially after a warning had already been issued by AICC General Secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala.

This strong-arm tactic by Kharge aims to quell further speculation and maintain a united front within the party. He reportedly emphasized the need for discipline and a single voice while navigating this sensitive issue

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