Vivek Ramaswamy drops out of the 2024 US Presidential race, endorses Trump

vivek ramaswamy

Indian-American entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, one of the leading candidates for the 2024 US presidential race, dropped out of the contest today and announced his support for former president Donald Trump.

Ramaswamy, who founded several biotech companies and wrote a bestselling book on woke culture, said in a statement that he decided to withdraw from the race after realizing that Trump was the only one who could save America from the “radical left agenda” of the current administration.

“I have always admired President Trump for his courage, his vision, and his achievements. He is the true champion of the American people and the defender of our constitutional rights. He is also the only leader who can stand up to China and restore our global leadership,” Ramaswamy said.

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Ramaswamy added that he had a “very productive and cordial” meeting with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, where they discussed various issues and agreed on a common strategy for the 2024 election. He said he would endorse Trump and campaign for him nationwide.

“I urge all my supporters and fellow patriots to join me in supporting President Trump. He is our best hope to make America great again,” Ramaswamy concluded.

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Trump, who has not officially declared his candidacy yet, welcomed Ramaswamy’s endorsement and praised him as a “brilliant and successful” businessman and a “true patriot”. He said Ramaswamy’s support would boost his chances of winning the Republican nomination and defeating the “disastrous” Biden-Harris administration.

“Vivek is a great friend and a great American. He has done an amazing job in creating jobs, curing diseases, and exposing the woke madness that is destroying our country. He is a very smart and talented person who could have been a great president himself. But he knows that I am the only one who can beat the rigged system and the fake news media. I thank him for his endorsement and his loyalty. Together, we will make America stronger, safer, and greater than ever before,” Trump said.

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