Solana Mobile Doubles Down on Crypto with Second Smartphone

Solana Mobile Doubles Down on Crypto with Second Smartphone

Solana Mobile, the crypto-focused phone company, is gearing up for its second act. Following the lukewarm reception of its first smartphone, the Saga, the company reportedly plans to launch a second device with a more affordable price tag and different hardware configurations.

“We’re excited to build on the lessons learned from Saga and bring a more accessible crypto experience to a wider audience,” said a Solana Mobile spokesperson, according to CoinDesk.

The original Saga, priced at $1,000 at launch, boasted an onboard crypto wallet, a custom Android software experience, and a dedicated “dApp store” for decentralized applications, reported CoinDesk. While it attracted some early adopters, its high price and limited availability kept it from reaching a mainstream audience.

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However, things took an unexpected turn when it was discovered that the Saga came with an allocation of BONK tokens, a meme-based cryptocurrency that quickly surged in value. This led to a buying frenzy, with the Saga selling out within a week and its price skyrocketing on the secondary market.

“The BONK phenomenon was definitely a wild ride,” admitted the Solana Mobile spokesperson. “But it also showed us that there’s a real appetite for crypto-enabled devices, even at a premium price point.”

The new Solana phone is expected to be cheaper than the Saga, with a price tag closer to $500-$700. It will also offer a wider range of hardware options, catering to different user preferences and budgets.

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“We want to make sure that everyone, regardless of their technical expertise or budget, can participate in the crypto revolution,” said the spokesperson.

The exact launch date and specifications of the new phone are still under wraps, but it is expected to arrive sometime in 2024.

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