WhatsApp introduces new features for channels, voice notes, polls, and more

WhatsApp rolls out new updates to enhance user experience: Channels, voice notes, polls and more
What's new on WhatsApp: Updates for channel management, voice note playback, poll creation and more

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over 2 billion customers. 

The app constantly adds new features and updates to improve the consumer revel in and decorate safety. Here are some modern-day updates WhatsApp is rolling out for channels, voice notes, polls, and more. 


WhatsApp has delivered a new function known as channels, allowing customers to create and join public or private groups based on their hobbies. 

Channels may have up to at least one 000 participants and may be used for sharing news, data, critiques, or entertainment. Users can also discover and follow channels that suit their preferences. 

Voice notes: 

WhatsApp has improved the voice word feature by including a playback pace alternative. Users can now choose to pay attention to voice notes at 1x, 1.5x, or 2x pace, relying on their convenience. This can assist customers in saving time and catching up on long voice messages faster. 


WhatsApp has also brought a ballot characteristic, which allows users to create and ship polls to their contacts or groups. Polls may be used for purchasing remarks, opinions, or guidelines from others. Users can also see the polls’ effects in real time and edit or delete them each time. 

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WhatsApp has made a few modifications and improvements, such as: – Adding a decal search alternative, which allows customers to locate and use stickers more effortlessly. 

– Enabling up-to-end encryption for cloud backups guarantees that customers’ chat records and media are steady and protected. 

– Supports multi-device login, which allows users to get entry to WhatsApp on as many as four devices concurrently without needing their phone. 

– Introducing a self-destructing message characteristic shall allow customers to send messages that disappear after a specific time frame. 

WhatsApp continuously runs on new functions and updates to make the app more user-friendly and stable. Users can assume extra exciting changes and upgrades in the future.

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