Difference Between Body Mist & Perfume: Which Should Be Your Go To Choice Based On Your Activity

Between an Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum, and Eau Fraiche?

When curating your fragrance wardrobe, consider sifting through an exhaustive selection of Eau De Toilette’s (EDT), Eau De Parfum’s (EDP), body mists, and body sprays to discover your signature scents. While all these aromas deliver on the promise of stimulating your senses, they possess key differences that significantly impact their wearability. 

As you are skimming through fragrances at a boutique, you should be able to tell one apart from the other. Hence, understanding basic fragrance jargon is a must. While Eau Fraiche contains between one and three percent of concentrated perfume oil and Eau de Cologne boasts two to six percent oil, Eau de Toilette has fifteen to twenty percent oil, and Eau de Parfum contains fifteen to forty percent of concentrated perfume oil. Eau Fraiche doesn’t last longer than an hour, Eau de Cologne lasts not more than two hours, Eau de Toilette lasts up to eight hours, and Eau de Parfum can last up to 24 hours.

A body mist, also known as Eau Fraiche, has a diminutive concentration of perfume oil, exuding a lighter scent with lesser longevity when compared to an Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette. Therefore, a body mist is a refreshing feminine scent that doesn’t linger on for too long and requires reapplication. It is ideal for casual brunch or everyday wear when you don’t feel the need to spritz on a heavier fragrance. 

How to Pick Between an Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum, and Eau Fraiche?

Since an Eau Fraiche or body mist isn’t a long-lasting scent, it is ideal for everyday wear. Spritz it on for a grocery run, at work, or for a casual brunch with your girls. If you desire a long-lasting aroma that isn’t overpowering, pick an Eau de Toilette that’ll linger on for eight hours or more. Spray an EDT fragrance to make a lasting impression at work or for a family meal at a restaurant. Lastly, if you want to make heads turn, an Eau de Parfum would be the perfect choice. The scent can linger on for over a day! Consider spritzing an EDP for a date night, a party, or other special occasions. 

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How to Wear Your Scent: Identifying Your Pulse Points

Fragrances – when applied at specific spots on the body – can linger on for long periods, owing to the heat generated at these points. Here are the most common pulse points for a scent that doesn’t budge for hours. 

  •  Behind the ear
  • On the wrists
  • On the insides of the elbows
  • Behind the knees 
  • Near the collarbone 
  • In your belly button 

Fragrance connoisseurs argue that spritzing on a scent along the lengths of your hair can help extend its wearability. Although not trichologist-approved, your hair can carry the scent for longer. 

Discerning Between the Top Notes, Heart Notes, and Base Notes 

A perfume fragrance profile comprises top or head notes, middle or heart notes, and base notes. The top notes boast those ingredients which are the first to hit your olfactory senses when you spritz on a scent. They set your first impression of a fragrance and linger on for five to fifteen minutes. A few familiar top notes include bergamot, rose, lavender, and orange. 

Middle or heart notes constitute 70% of a scent’s profile and set the stage for the base notes. These elements linger for up to an hour and determine the primary character of a fragrance. A few familiar heart notes are cinnamon, rosemary, basil, lemongrass, nutmeg, and cardamom. Base notes establish the foundation and depth of a fragrance. These elements help prolong the scent’s lifetime and can linger for six hours or more. A few familiar base notes include vanilla, patchouli, cedarwood, sandalwood, musk, and amber.

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Identifying Fragrance Families

  • Floral Fragrances: As the name suggests, floral fragrances possess a flowery-sweet scent. 
  • Fresh Fragrances: Fresh fragrances have a citrusy, aquatic scent and lend a refreshing appeal.
  • Amber Fragrances: Amber fragrances feature an amalgam of sweet, spicy, and warm notes. 
  • Woody Fragrances: Woody fragrances have a sexy and sensual scent that exudes a mysterious appeal. 

Choosing Based on Activity

A. Day-to-Day Activities

For daily wear, especially in casual settings, body mists are the preferred choice. Their lightness ensures a pleasant scent without being overpowering during routine tasks.

B. Special Occasions

When attending special events or formal gatherings, opt for perfumes to leave a lasting impression. The intensity and longevity make perfumes suitable for memorable occasions.

C. Work and Professional Settings

In professional environments, where subtlety is key, body mists are a great choice. They offer a hint of fragrance without being too conspicuous.

D. Gym and Physical Activities

For workouts and physical activities, consider using body mists. The light scent won’t be overpowering, and the refreshing fragrance can be invigorating.

The Dos and Don’ts of Applying a Fragrance Correctly

When spritzing on a scent, hold the bottle at a distance of 5-7 inches away from the body, aiming directly at your pulse points – the spots where the blood vessels are closest to your skin, such as your collarbone, neckline, wrists, knees, and behind the ears, generating more heat. When you apply a scent on your wrists, ensure you don’t rub the wrists together, as it will break down the scent molecules and dampen the smell. Lastly, never spray fragrance onto your clothes, as it can stain the fabric and won’t last too long.

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Fragrances grow on you and can outgrow with time, too. When selecting a scent, it all comes down to your mood, preferences, and personal taste. During the exploration process, ensure you don’t test more than three fragrances at a time, as it can confuse your olfactory senses. Contrary to popular belief, smelling coffee beans beforehand doesn’t help either. Instead, the intense aroma of coffee beans can throw you off, making it difficult to discern between different scents. Since fragrance is an expensive beauty investment, ensure you test out your choice of scent over a few days before making a purchase. If you prefer convenience, you can buy perfume online, allowing you to explore a wider range of options at your leisure.