Hailey Bieber’s Bath Buddies, Yellow Bikini & Divorce Hint

Hailey Bieber's Bath Buddies: Yellow Bikini & Divorce Hint

Hailey Bieber has shared a new video while bathing with a friend.

The star has been promoting her skincare brand Rhode in her latest social media posts. In a TikTok video posted on Monday, Hailey, 26, and a pal spend time in a bath while promoting Rhode’s newest skincare product – the Pineapple Fresh daily cleanser.

With soothing music playing in the background, Hailey and her friend stepped into the warm bubbly bath water with the cleanser sitting in a wooden bowl ready for use. The A-list supermodel wore a yellow bikini and a white shirt on top to match the vibe of her new product. Hailey had her hair tied up to avoid getting wet.

Cuddling close together, the duo laughed as Hailey squeezed the tiny gray bottle with bubbles coming out. In the caption, the beauty company shared several emojis including a bathtub, stars, bubbles, and a hand heart.

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Fans and followers flooded the comment section to praise Hailey and her brand. “On point aesthetic as always,” one wrote. A second added, “In need of this.” Another swooned, “Hailey is just perfect.” “I want Rhode so bad,” a fourth admitted.

Others begged the wife of Justin Bieber, 29, to have her products available in their country.

On the rocks?

For months, Hailey and Justin faced rumors that their marriage was on the rocks. The two tied the knot in 2018. Last week, Hailey shared a cryptic clip that appeared to spark some breakup rumors online, as some fans believed she was hinting at divorce.

Alec Baldwin’s niece’s seconds-long social media video showed her lip-syncing to a viral TikTok sound and doing the trend that accompanied that sound. Those who use the aforementioned sound blow a kiss before mouthing the word being said, which is blocked.

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Some fans were curious about why Hailey did that particular online trend and wondered if it had to do with her relationship. “Ms. Bieber what the drama is??,” one fan commented under her post.

Another added: “Uh oh, Mrs. Bieber.” A third asked: “Soo are they divorced or.”

Where is it?

More recently, the A-list celeb was spotted hanging out with her best friend, Kendall Jenner, 28, and spent time in a pottery studio. Shared on her Instagram Stories, Kendall and Hailey sat across from each other with a vase in between them that they seemingly created together. According to source MSN

The besties laughed and embraced in a hug to squish the vase to represent their friendship. To avoid getting clay on their clothes, Hailey wore a patterned yellow and white apron while the Hulu personality wore a green and white one.

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Kendall had her black hair tied up with a clip and wore a small white T-shirt, beige pants, and high-top shoes. Meanwhile, Hailey stunned in a gray long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and black shoes.

“Friendship sealed,” The Kardashians star captioned her video and tagged Hailey’s social media handle. While creating a vase made out of clay, Hailey wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. She might not have been wearing it due to not wanting to get it dirty while molding clay.

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