Watch: Italian Influencer Pretends to Get ‘Drip’ from Hermès Bag, Sparks Outrage

Italian Influencer's Hermes Bag 'Drip' Stirs Cancer Patient Outrage

Viral Video: Italian content creator’s clip featuring her hooked to an Hermès handbag ‘drip’ faces backlash.

When creativity goes above sensitivity, the internet happens. This realization dawned upon social media users when an Italian fashion designer and digital entrepreneur went viral for sharing a peculiar video featuring her hooked to a ‘handbag drip’. Giulia Nati, driven by an extravagant taste she could ‘die’ for, shared the video on her page, sending shockwaves online.

However, the shock was particularly palpable among the community, with a special resonance among cancer patients who found no humour in the ‘joke’ about hospitalisation, beds, IV drips, and the whole shebang.

In the now-viral footage, the 32-year-old influencer lies in bed with an oxygen mask, with a tube linking her arm to a reddish-pink Hermès handbag, mimicking an IV drip. The background features a beeping sound akin to a vital signs monitor, and seven additional luxurious Hermès purses adorn her bedside table.

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The video, shared with the caption, “I need a new wish (sic),” quickly garnered attention, sparking both outrage and concern.

Here’s the Viral Video:

Commenting on the video, Venezuelan-born actress and reality star Carolina Marconi, 45, a breast cancer survivor, expressed her displeasure: “As a former oncology patient, this image doesn’t make me laugh.” She further said, “I would take you for a walk in these [hospital] wards to make you really understand the conditions these poor people are in. Then let’s see how you feel about publishing something like this.”

Another person, calling out her bad state, said, “As the daughter of two cancer parents you are more terrible than funny!!” The third one chimed in, “Come with me tomorrow in therapy to give you an intelligence drip. Whatever it gets to your brain. After my drip I’m taking you for a walk in pediatric oncology.”

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Amidst the storm of criticism, Nati, unyielding and unapologetic, not only engaged with her detractors on Instagram Stories but also dished out a reel showcasing similar videos. From a wife’s extravagant shopping dragging her husband out of a showroom on a hospital bed to a bizarre Burger Kings ad, all in the same peculiar taste. In a bold move, she then went on to introduce herself and her life, asserting that no harm was intended and that it was all in good humour, meant to be taken lightheartedly.

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