‘Ramayana’: Ranbir as Rama, Sunny Deol as Hanuman and Yash as Ravana confirmed

Ranbir as Rama, Sunny Deol as Hanuman and Yash as Ravana

The much-awaited Hindi biopic “Ramayana,” starring Ranbir Kapoor as Lord Rama, has finally found its Hanuman. Bollywood actor Sunny Deol, known for his action-packed roles and patriotic films, has been roped in to play the role of the loyal and powerful monkey god.

According to sources, Sunny Deol will undergo a massive physical transformation for the role and will also learn martial arts and acrobatics. The actor will also sport prosthetic makeup and a special costume to look like Hanuman.

The makers of “Ramayana” are confident that Sunny Deol will do justice to the role and bring out the essence of Hanuman’s devotion, courage, and strength.

The source said, “Sunny Deol is all charged up to have gotten once in a lifetime opportunity to play Lord Hanuman. It’s a casting made in heaven, as Lord Hanuman stands for Strength, and who better than Sunny Deol in the present times to play the part with utmost conviction.”

 “While Ramayana: Part One features Sunny Deol in a guest appearance, the second and third part of the epic trilogy will have his complete presence. The makers are confident that after Dara Singh, it’s Sunny Deol who would be synonymous with Lord Hanuman in modern times,” the source added.

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“It’s a legacy part, and the teams are unfazed by the social media chatter. Ranbir has the utmost respect for Sunny Deol, and the latter considers Ranbir to be one of the finest actors in Indian Cinema. The dynamic shared by the two will be a treat for audiences on the big screen. The idea is to bring to spectacle the pure bond shared by Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman,” the source concluded.

Yash in talks for Ravana:

 Back in October 2023, several media outlets reported that Yash was in talks for the role of Ravana in the magnum opus Ramayana. The news sent fans into a frenzy, eager to see the KGF star portray the ten-headed demon king.

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