Urfi Javed Pushes Fashion Boundaries with DIY Spoon Dress, Sparking Online Debate

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Indian social media influencer Urfi Javed has once again divided the internet with her latest fashion experiment. This time, Javed has created a dress entirely out of plastic spoons, documenting the process and showcasing the final garment in a video she shared on her social media account.

The response to Javed’s unique creation has been mixed. Supporters applaud her creativity and bold fashion choices, highlighting the resourcefulness and individuality displayed in the homemade outfit. Others, however, criticize the dress and engage in trolling behavior, focusing on aspects like its unconventional materials and revealing nature.

Javed’s latest fashion exploration has ignited a debate about artistic expression, personal freedom, and acceptable boundaries in public attire.

Take a look at her latest dress in the video below:

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Walking on Water?

Recently, Javed surprised fans with a video where she seemingly walks on water in a flowing white dress. The trick, achieved using a submerged platform, quickly went viral, sparking both fascination and amusement.

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Back in Black:

Stepping away from her usual vibrant colors, Javed recently also sported a sleek black outfit with dramatic cutouts, showcasing her toned figure and edgy style. While some praised her bold look, others raised concerns about the revealing nature of the dress.

Urfi Javed Pushes Fashion Boundaries

Beach Babe:

Javed recently enjoyed a beach vacation in Goa, sharing stunning photos in stylish swimwear. Her toned physique and radiant smile captivated fans, highlighting her confidence and carefree spirit.

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