Google Bard’s Leaked Demo Unveils Assistant’s New Features

Google's Bard: Leaked Demo Unveils Assistant's New Features

Assistant with Bard, Google’s upcoming AI powered chatbot might be launched sometime in March this year, but leaks suggest the feature might be limited to a handful of Pixel phones.

Google announced last year that it will soon bring Assistant with Bard to Pixel devices, but shared no date on when the feature will be available. However, tipsters on the Google News Telegram group recently shared the official demo video from the Pixel Tips app showing how Google Assistant with Bard will work.

It looks like Assistant with Bard can be triggered the same way as Google Assistant, which means you can either long press the power button to start a conversation, launch the app manually or use the ‘Hey Google’ keyword to trigger the AI-powered voice assistant.

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Users can then ask the AI-powered chatbot whatever they want to using voice or using the on-screen keyboard. As it turns out, you can also attach a screenshot or ask Assistant with Bard related to what’s on your screen.

More details

According to a post on X (formerly Twitter) by the known Android tinkerer Mishaal Rehman, the Pixel Tips app also reveals that the publication date for Assistant with Bard is ‘202403’, which indicates that the feature will go live with the March 2024 Pixel Feature Drop.

Moreover, it looks like Assistant with Bard will be limited to Pixel devices with Tensor chipsets, but devices like the Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold and the rumoured Pixel Fold 2 are currently on the deny list. Moreover, Google also seems to have blocked the feature from appearing on Android devices with IDs starting with UP1, UD1 and UQ1, which might indicate that the functionality might only work with the QRP2 beta or the stable version of the QPR2 build.

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While it is too early to say anything, we hope things change down the line and Google brings Assistant with Bard to all Pixel devices featuring a Tensor chipset.

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