Australian Vlogger’s Epic Pasta Plate Encounter Goes Viral: Internet in Stitches

Australian Vlogger's Epic Pasta Plate Encounter Goes Viral: Internet in Stitches

Enjoying lip-smacking pasta with friends would sound like the perfect outing for many foodies. In a recent viral video by a vlogger from Australia, we glimpse one such meal, but with a twist.

Instead of ordering individual portions or a single large one to be divided, each person in the group inadvertently ended up with shared-sized portions. Their foodie dilemma has taken the internet by storm, receiving more than 52 million views. Barilla, the famous pasta brand, has also reacted to the video.

In the Instagram reel by @brockvalesinii, we see friends around the table, trying to do justice to their huge plates of pasta. One of them seems to have tears in her eyes.

The text on the video reads, “The collective silence after accidentally ordering a share-sized plate of pasta each”. In the caption, the content creator wrote, “and not a single one of us questioned why all of our food was about to cost us $213”. Take a look at the video below.

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The Instagram reel has received a lot of interest online. The comment section has been flooded with different questions and reactions. Some users wanted to know why the restaurant’s staff did not warn the group beforehand.

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According to Slurrp The vlogger revealed that the staff made the group order using a QR code menu on the table. Thus, they did not realize what the serving size would be.

Other people wanted to know how the price of each plate did not tip them off regarding the portion sizes. The vlogger replied that they just assumed it was a really expensive restaurant.

Reactions on internet

Pasta brand Barilla commented, “This is princess plate size”. Many Instagram users found the portion size to be fairly normal compared to the ones they are used to. Some were simply delighted by the incident, while others shared similar experiences.

Read some of the reactions below:”Can I get a takeaway container?” – meals set for the next week.”

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“I’m afraid I’d eat it all and then see the others silently gawk at me in absolute terror.”

“The girl crying out of what I can only assume is happiness because this would be heaven.”

“Now this is the only kind of problem I’d like in my life.”

“Too broke to make this mistake.”

“You mean a plate that allows you to have lunch the next day?”

“This happened to my friends and me in Italy. We asked the waiter if the pizzas were small or sharing size. He didn’t speak English and just nodded. So we ordered 6 pizzas….all of them were massive. They didn’t even fit on the table lol. But damn they were delicious. We ate pizza for two days after that.”

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“OMG & I just happily spent $41 for a very small plate of ravioli last night. I would be SO thrilled if this is what came out!”

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