Watch: Ankita Lokhande’s Kissing Video Sparks Controversy, Navid Sole Responds

Ankita Lokhande's Kissing Video Sparks Controversy: Navid Sole Responds

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain hosted a private party in Mumbai with Navid Sole and others as guests. All of them were seen together on “Bigg Boss 17.”.

“Bigg Boss 17’s” Navid Sole opened up about his recent video with co-contestant Ankita Lokhande from an after-party. The video had them dancing, and Navid was seen planting a kiss on Ankita’s cheeks. After many questions were raised about the video, Navid said it was only for ‘fun.’

Ankita Lokhande's Kissing

Navid Sole on video with Ankita

Navid wrote on Instagram Stories, “Hello everyone… I hope this message finds you in good spirits I wanted to chat about the recent dance video that’s been making the rounds from Ankita and Vicky’s after-party. It seems there’s a bit of a buzz, and I thought it’s only fair to share my perspective on the matter.”

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“I’ve noticed some raised eyebrows regarding Ankita’s dance with me, and I get it. But let me assure you, it was all good fun and nothing more. Ankita and I share a fantastic friendship, and she has been one of my best friends in the house. She supported me so much in the Bigg Boss house, and I have so much love for her,” he added.

Navid Sole on rumours

Navid also mentioned, “Before the rumor mill starts spinning, let’s take a step back and appreciate the positive energy of the event. Sometimes, a dance is just a dance, and in this case, it was about celebrating good times and enjoying the moment.”

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Inside Ankita’s private bathroom

The party was hosted by Ankita and businessman-husband Vicky Jain, who were both part of “Bigg Boss 17.”. The private bash was at their Mumbai house, where Navid, along with others, was invited.

The video in question had Ankita and Navid dancing to the song “Tum Kya Mile.”. Navid was seen kissing Ankita as she made faces and lips synced while grooving to the song. Reacting to the video, a section of social media users slammed Ankita and questioned if she would have been okay with her husband doing the same with someone else. One person had said, “Vicky’s father was on his way to call Ankita’s mother.”

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“If this same thing was done by Vicky, Ankita would have already killed him by now,” commented another. One more said, “Vicky is not allowed to talk, and what is this girl doing?”

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