Pakistan Ex-PM Imran Khan & Wife Bushra Bibi Jailed 7 Years for ‘Unlawful Marriage’

Ex-PM and Spouse Get 7-Year Sentence for Unlawful Matrimony

A court has sentenced former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife, Bushra Bibi, to seven years in prison for an “unlawful marriage.”  

The Case:

The allegations relate to Imran Khan’s marriage to Bushra Bibi in 2018, just after he became Prime Minister. The court ruled that the marriage breached election laws, which require candidates to declare all their dependents. Khan maintains that the marriage was legitimate and transparent, but the prosecution argues that it was deliberately kept hidden to gain an unfair advantage in the election.

The jailed Khan, 71, has in recent days been sentenced to 10 years for leaking state secrets and 14 years, along with his wife, for illegally selling state gifts.

“After hours of rushed hearings at court, no cross-examination of witnesses, and no due process – a mockery of the law,” Khan’s party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), said in a statement.

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“With the way these trials are being conducted, there will be a huge question mark on the February 8th elections. This is a test case for Pakistan’s higher judiciary.”

ARY News reported that both were fined 500,000 rupees ($1,800) each.

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