Pakistan actress Iqra Aziz Credits Priyanka Chopra for Wedding Outfit Inspiration

Iqra Aziz Draws Wedding Inspiration from Priyanka Chopra

Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz is renowned for her authenticity. The star of “Suno Chanda” fearlessly embraces her imperfections, openly discusses challenging times, and often makes bold choices in both her personal and professional lives.

During a recent interview, Iqra Aziz shared an interesting tidbit. She confessed that she drew inspiration from Priyanka Chopra’s wedding attire when designing her own stunning outfit for her special day.

Iqra Aziz on styling her wedding outfit like Priyanka Chopra

On her husband Yasir Hussain’s “The Pick & Drop” chat show, Iqra Aziz shared her thoughts on her wedding dress. The actress was heavily criticized for wearing a wedding outfit similar to Priyanka Chopra’s. On the show, Iqra spoke about the same and admitted to taking inspiration from the international star Priyanka Chopra.

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She mentioned that it wasn’t a thing until Priyanka wore a red-on-red outfit. She mentioned that after the “Aitraaz” actress wore the outfit, it became a trend, and she wanted to wear similar attire for her big day. Aziz added that she informed her designer to pan out something similar but wanted a full sleeve so that people wouldn’t say the entire look was copied.

Have a look at a clip from Iqra Aziz’s interview with Yasir Hussain-

Iqra Aziz is wearing an outfit similar to Saboor Aly’s

Iqra was caught up in a recent controversy when she wore an outfit similar to actress Saboor Aly’s. This caused a lot of commotion, with people getting upset about it. Speaking about the incident, Iqra shared that in her show Mannat Murad, there was a wedding sequence where her character, Mannat, had to wear traditional attire.

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Mannat was supposed to wear her mother’s wedding outfit in the storyline. The team searched for a similar piece but unfortunately couldn’t find one. The show’s director stumbled upon the outfit online and showed it to Aziz. Aziz sourced it from her designer friend and wore it to the show. She mentioned that she didn’t need to ask Aly’s permission as it wasn’t her outfit. However, she would’ve asked her if she knew things would end up being the talk of the town.

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