Watch: Woman’s Hilarious Topless Upside-Down Window Break-In Tale, Viral Video

Viral Window Video: Woman's Hilarious Upside-Down Break-In Tale

Viral star Lisa Rowland breaks the silence on getting caught in the window and the video that’s left everything in stitches.

Viral star Lisa Rowland aka the woman caught hanging upside down in her window in a hilarious video reacted to the sensational snap garnering millions of views. In what could’ve been a humiliating moment setting her off, Rowland embraced the hilarity of the chaos caused in the viral window video that’s got the internet laughing.

The video filmed her climbing through her home’s window getting locked out and forgetting her keys inside. Her sister can be seen boosting her up to reach the window. Once she manages to get through it, she gets stuck and so does her dress. As she wiggles down to reach inside, her black dress slips, leaving her top somewhat exposed.

Watch Lisa Rowland break the silence on the viral window video

Lisa Rowland and her sister sat down with presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary for the ITV This Morning broadcast dated February 2 to review the chaos. In their conversation, the sisters jump into lighthearted jokes while revealing that Lisa had forgotten her keys inside.

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She had come back home early from the supermarket because she needed to use the toilet. Instead of relieving herself at the market’s facility, she returned home, only to later get stuck in her window. Rowland described it as the only window in the house and the one way in with the doors locked.

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Hammond and O’Leary dive into a lung-busting laughter session while hearing the first-hand account from the sister duo. Ms Rowland also divulged the fact that the video was shot in June by her partner, Nicole. She even opened up about how she urinated in the process of hanging upside down. On the other hand, her sister can be seen laughing her heart out in the video.

Instead of feeling embarrassed about how the video had gone viral online despite her being in a precarious position in it, Lisa just had a good laugh about it with the British daytime program presenters. She even let them in on the truth that the viral video had been shared online by a woman in Northern Ireland, a complete stranger to them. Ultimately ringing in a viral sensation, the window video has now been shared over 10 million times.

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Netizens react to the video and Ms Rowland’s response

Dozens of comments poured in under the This Morning video of Lisa Rowland reacting to her hilarious video. A user chimed in with what Dermot O’Leary had remarked as well: “She’s owned it, and made the whole country laugh amongst so much darkness.”

Another one admired her for coming forward like this on a huge platform: “What a legend coming forward to talk about it too! Big respect!” Yet another commenter loved it how everyone wasn’t just laughing at her, but rather with her: “Feeling a tad reassured that we have been laughing at someone who is also laughing!! Wonderful.”

Other comments like “What a fantastic sport, though. Lisa, if you’re watching this, thank you, thank you THANK YOU for being so awesome” and “I have never laughed so hard! I couldn’t breathe as well. Thank you for being you, for owning this, and for making the world a bit happier.” further filled the comments section with absolutely fun and good vibes all around.

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