Chinese Pigeon Cleared of Espionage Charges After 8 Months in Custody

A black pigeon detained for eight months under suspicion of being a Chinese spy has finally been released. The bird, found near a Mumbai port in May 2023, raised red flags due to two rings on its legs bearing what appeared to be Chinese characters and a microchip.

Indian authorities, ever vigilant, detained the pigeon and launched an investigation. After months of analysis, including X-rays and attempts to decipher the cryptic messages, the truth finally emerged.

The microchip, it turned out, wasn’t a secret communication device but a harmless bird-tracking ring commonly used by racing enthusiasts. Moreover, the “Chinese characters” were simply identification markings, and the pigeon was traced back to Taiwan, not China.

The saga sparked controversy, with animal rights groups like PETA India criticizing the prolonged detention and calling for the bird’s immediate release. The lack of communication from authorities only fueled concerns about unnecessary cruelty. Finally, with evidence in hand, the pigeon was released earlier this week, much to the relief of animal welfare advocates.