Watch: Drake’s X-Rated Video Leaks Online, Sparks Hilarious Fan Reactions

Drake's X-Rated Video Sparks Hilarious Fan Reactions

Drake hit the top trends on social media on Tuesday, but not for his music venture. The Canadian rapper sparked a frenzy among Twitter users after an alleged X-rated video went viral on the platform.

The clip, purportedly featuring Drake semi-naked in bed and performing a sexual act began circulating online. Although the person who leaked the clip is still unknown, it generated enough buzz to get the rapper trending in the number one spot.

Many fans who followed the trend, admitted that they thought the ‘leak’ was probably an unreleased song or a new album. Among those reacting to the video was popular streamer Adin Ross, who has previously collaborated with Drake.

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According to MailOnline reported Ross sent a voice memo to the rapper, expressing his shock over the clip and praising his talents. In the shared recording, Ross can be heard saying, “We was just looking at the s***. It’s like crazy bro, like God damn. You’re blessed with your voice, you’re blessed with performing, you’re blessed to be you, you’re blessed to be number one and you’re also blessed to have a f***ing missile.

“According to Ross, Drake responded to the message with amusement, sending back a text containing eight laughing emojis and jokingly suggesting he might use Ross’s voice note as the intro for his next album.

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Ross was not the only one in shock after watching the clip. Scroll below to see some of the hilarious fan reactions that poured in on Twitter:

Despite the widespread speculation and discussion surrounding the alleged leak, Drake has yet to make a public comment on the matter.

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