Sonam Bajwa: Acting and Dressing the Fashion Supernova

Sonam Bajwa: Acting and Dressing the Fashion Supernova

Sonam Bajwa’s white bikini set worn under a sheer white gown should’ve come with a fair warning

The way Sonam Bajwa controls the fashion scene with the trendiest styles could be a masterclass running fully houseful. Whatever may be her secret to looking this good, what we know for sure is that when it comes to minimal dressing to the effect of maximum impact, there aren’t many who do it as she does.

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The Punjabi actor’s recent Instagram post comes at a cost, and her fans are the ones who pay the price without any hesitation. A white bikini may be for the beach, but when worn with a net white gown that doubles up as a cover-up too, it was made for a photo-op. No fancy frills, just a white bandeau bikini top worn with a white high-waist bikini bottom is her choice for the day, with a mesh dress layered on top.

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That is how simply Sonam Bajwa can light fires in a bold outfit minus the flashy colors. For hair and makeup, she keeps it soft and minimal for her dress to steal the spotlight. As for the accessories, all she wears are a pair of hoop earrings and her bold, confident attitude.

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If white is for the day, black is for the night. Date nights for Sonam Bajwa are incomplete without a black dress in sight. The bandeau bikini remains a constant even for dinner dates even if it means adding a slinky black lace column dress over it. Fabulous monochrome moments are made of these.

In black, white or any color plucked from the rainbow, Sonam Bajwa can do no wrong with her exceptional style.

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