Watch: TikToker Exposes Zayn Malik, Posts Intimate Photos and Sparks Allegations

TikToker Exposes Zayn Malik: Intimate Photos Spark Allegations

In a stunning turn of events, a TikToker has come forward, alleging an encounter with Zayn Malik on the dating app Tinder. Sam Fisher, 33, has shared several in-depth videos recounting their alleged nine-month relationship, along with screenshots of text messages and previously unseen selfies of the singer. Additionally, the TikTok personality accused the pop star of engaging in problematic and misogynistic behavior.

TikToker details Zayn Malik’s private Images and texts from Tinder

  TikToker Exposes Zayn Malik,

Sam Fisher shared a social media slideshow including shirtless photos of British artist Zayn Malik, 31, along with a statement that alluded to a future story. “Story time coming on how I met Zayn Malik through Tinder and the nine months I spent hooking up with him,” she captioned one of the videos on Wednesday. Fisher, in a TikTok “story time” video, recounted her nine-month intimate involvement with Malik, providing evidence to support her assertions.

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All about Zayn Malik’s controversial Tinder encounter

Hailing from Pennsylvania, the woman initiated her TikTok journey to share her narrative. She alleges that her interaction with Zayn Malik began on Tinder. Malik purportedly reached out to her via direct message from his verified Instagram account and showed interest by viewing her stories. “At the time I figured it’d probably be a one-and-done thing, but it continued, probably longer than it should have.” She said in the video.

After exchanging texts, they finally met in person, at which point she showed contentment with their relationship. Nevertheless, she asserts that afterward, the former member of One Direction brought up her sexual orientation and suggested involving a third person in their relationship. As per the woman, Zayn used to message her “every few weeks.” However, things started going south after she revealed having her last relationship with a woman.

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“From that moment, he got it in his head that he wanted a threesome,” she mentioned in the detailed video. “He asked probably 40 different times for a threesome with me and somebody that I chose,” Sam added. She claimed that the singer was looking for another woman to join them in bed, but he insisted on keeping his name a secret. But when she finally found someone who would agree, she pulled out of the plan for private reasons, which enraged the Pillowtalk singer.

As of now, Malik has yet to address these allegations. Nevertheless, social media users are not taking these explosive claims lightly. Many have flooded the comment section to express their opinions and concerns.

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