How to Make Money on Clubhouse?

How to Make Money on Clubhouse?

Your eyes are always peeled for the next big thing as an aspiring online entrepreneur. So, no doubt, you’ve probably been closely following Clubhouse – the newest app to hit the scene.

This is an app that revolves around real-time audio conversations. People can access virtual chat rooms and discuss any topic. In addition to that, Clubhouse offers a new platform for brand ambassadors and creators to establish themselves as thought leaders, connect with relevant audiences, and acquire knowledge about their industries.

However, the best part is that you can make money on Clubhouse. The number of users keeps growing, and creators can monetize their content and establish communities.

This blog will discuss nine useful methods on how to make money on Clubhouse.

9 Proven Ways to Make Money on Clubhouse

We’ve compiled a list of the most likely ways to monetize your presence on Clubhouse. Read on to find out more!

1) Become a Panelist

Becoming a panelist is hands down one of the best ways to make money on Clubhouse. But for this to work, you must first build your following base. As a panelist, you get paid for your speeches and invited to participate in various club or chat room sessions.

Followers are crucial as they provide listeners with a higher level of expertise and value.

So, to become a sought-after panelist, focus on gaining as much influence as possible. Join conversations and make sure what you say is helpful and smart so people want to hear from you.

Share your experiences, and show that you know a lot about your topic. More people will be interested in following you, and more opportunities to make money will present themselves as you build credibility. 

2) Sell Tickets to Premium Rooms

Clubhouse loves promoting exclusivity, and premium rooms help emphasize this. That said, you can unlock additional revenue on Clubhouse by creating exclusive premium rooms and selling access tickets.

A good strategy to get people interested is first setting enticing prices that reflect the value of the content you will offer in these special rooms. Consider bundling extras like Q&A sessions or exclusive insights to make the tickets more appealing.

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Promote your premium room tickets through social media. Leverage your existing followers to reach a wider audience. Also, highlight the unique benefits attendees will gain from joining your premium room. That will make them more likely to invest.

3) Paid Rooms

Paid Rooms

After building a solid fanbase on Clubhouse, you can now consider introducing paid rooms and making money from the subscription fees. Offer your listeners exclusive access to your premium content and discussions.

But make sure you provide something valuable that justifies the fee. Create engaging and unique sessions that go beyond standard discussions. For instance, you can provide valuable insights, expert interviews, or exclusive behind-the-scenes.

Also, you can collaborate with another creator or professional in your field to add excitement and give users a reason to tune in and invest in your paid rooms.

4) Earn from Sponsorships

Another common way to make money on Clubhouse is through sponsorships. Influencers get deals from brands to promote products in their niche. So, focus on building a strong personal brand so that you can attract sponsors looking for influential voices.

Boldly showcase your expertise. The goal here is to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. So, join relevant discussions and actively participate to boost your visibility and get noticed by industry peers.

As you become more influential, you will find that brands in your niche will start reaching out to you. This will open up more opportunities to earn money on Clubhouse.

5) B2B Partnerships

Clubhouse creators can make more money by creating mutually beneficial B2B partnerships. Businesses will pay you to promote their products or services to your audience, bringing in direct income. But first, the businesses will want to know what value you bring to them.

That said, when you talk to them, think of ideas that benefit both parties. Be clear about how your content fits with what they want. You can highlight specific benefits like you’ll help them reach the right audience or enhance their brand visibility.

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As you prove yourself and show how great your platform is, businesses will see why teaming up with you is a smart move.

6) Membership Fees

Clubhouse influencers can increase their earnings by charging membership fees for access to their exclusive content. You can create a tiered membership structure with unique advantages at each level.

Clearly communicate the unique value subscribers will receive, such as premium discussions, insider insights, or special events. Emphasize the exclusivity of the content, highlighting that members gain access to information not available to the general audience.

Highlight the personalized and premium experience members will receive, clarifying why the subscription fee is worthwhile. This approach will generate income for you directly. You will have a dedicated community willing to pay for exclusive access to your content.

7) Direct Selling

You can also sell directly to your audience by smoothly integrating your products and services into your expertise. As you share helpful insights with your audience, subtly introduce products or services that fit with what you talk about.

But as you do this, don’t be too pushy; instead. Instead, make it natural by talking about what your audience needs and then offering a solution. Use Clubhouse rooms to show what you know and mention your products or services during conversations that make sense.

Build trust by being honest and real when you sell. By keeping the selling part easygoing and genuinely helpful for your audience, you can make money on Clubhouse and, at the same time, gain loyal followers.

8) Sell Exclusive Content

Sell Exclusive Content

If you can create compelling presentations on some of the hottest topics on Clubhouse, you can sell them as premium content. But first, you have to find a way to get them interested. Showcase the unique value people will get by purchasing your exclusive content.

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It could be anything from insider information, expert advice, or exclusive discussions on specific topics. Market your offerings by creating a buzz around the exclusivity and the practical benefits subscribers will receive.

You can even share sneak peeks and highlights of your exclusive content on social media. That will entice more people to buy so that they can get access to the full thing.

9) Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions

Creators can make money on Clubhouse by hosting Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. These sessions let you connect directly with your audience on a personal level and increase their loyalty.

And when your audience feels closer to you, and when people feel connected, they’re more likely to support you by giving tips or joining memberships.

To make it work, build excitement by sharing about it on social media and using catchy captions. During the session, get people involved by asking questions and giving thoughtful answers.


In summary, Clubhouse is a great platform for creators to earn money by pursuing their passions. There are many ways in which you can convert your passion into profit, whether it is through offering unique content, memberships, or even hosting riveting AMAS. By building your brand and connecting with your audience, you can explore these money-making strategies and make the most out of Clubhouse.

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