Merc With a Mouth’s Mystery Moniker: ‘Deadpool 3’ Title Leaks Online, But Is It Legit?

'Deadpool 3'

The highly anticipated “Deadpool 3” has stirred the Marvel fandom into a frenzy, and the latest buzz surrounds a potential title leak. Whispers suggest the movie might be called “Deadpool & Friend,” sending social media abuzz with speculation.

While the title itself seems lighthearted and aligns with Deadpool’s comedic tone, its authenticity remains questionable.

Here’s what we know:

The Leak:

The alleged title surfaced online, with images claiming to be promotional material featuring “Deadpool & Friend” in prominent yellow and red text. However, the source of these images is unknown, and their legitimacy cannot be verified.

Fan Theories:

The “Friend” in question immediately sparked theories, with Wolverine being the top contender. The X-Men berserker’s confirmed presence in the film coupled with his long-standing dynamic with Deadpool fuels this speculation. But could “Friend” refer to other characters, like Negasonic Teenage Warhead or even a surprising MCU newcomer?

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Marvel’s Silence:

As of now, Marvel Studios has remained mum on the official title. This silence could simply be part of their marketing strategy, building anticipation before a grand reveal. Or, it could indicate the leak is entirely fabricated and the real title remains under wraps.

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