Watch: YouTuber’s 50-Hour Marathon with Apple Vision Pro Goes Viral

YouTuber's 50-Hour Marathon with Apple Vision Pro Goes Viral

Rayan Trahan, a popular YouTuber, has pushed the limits of the augmented reality (AR) experience by spending 50 hours wearing the new Apple Vision Pro. Apple’s latest cutting-edge eye candy has shaken the world by surprise as more and more people move towards a more technologically advanced society.

Would you choose to wear an immersive AR headset throughout your entire weekend? While most people would say no, Trahan has suggested that the product works a lot better than most people think. The YouTuber uploaded a review of the product on his channel which might not have answered all tech questions of enthusiasts but has certainly garnered a lot of attention.

Reactions on Video

The video has received over 87 lakh views on YouTube, with thousands of people reacting to the unconventional review. One viewer seemed to be scared of the situation as he wrote, “Oh man, sometime in the future, people using VR headsets in public will be as common as phones.” While another viewer voiced that people should be viewing the world through their eyes and not some gadget. “Mate you want to see the world use your eyes, go exploring, I don’t think it’s worth it”. One user jokingly called out the Apple Vision Pro to be a ‘Matrix’ device and said, “I would not get this Matrix device! No red or blue pill for me.” In one comment, a user suggested that he experienced goosebumps watching the video. “Awesome ending, goosebumps, me and my brother are analyzing our future society now.”

About Apple Vison Pro

While Apple Vision Pro is currently limited only to the United States, some tech-savvy individuals have managed to import the product into India. Just yesterday, February 13, a man went viral in Bengaluru after being spotted wearing the Apple Vision Pro during a stroll in Indiranagar.

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Considered to be the bustling technological hub of India, Bengaluru is known for marvellous technological advancements. Hence, when the new headset was officially announced by Apple, it was only a matter of time before the South Indian city hopped onto the augmented reality bandwagon.

The Apple Vision Pro might be providing a cutting-edge augmented reality experience, but it also bears a hefty price tag at $3500 US or around 2.8 lakh rupees. While the product continues to wow due to its technological advantages, daring adventurers like the ones mentioned above certainly add a second layer of intrigue as to how far are people willing to go when it comes to taking their virtual experience to a whole new level.

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