Adin Ross Sex Tape – Streamer Responds Disavowing Alleged Viral Video

Adin Ross Responds: Disavowing Alleged Viral Sex Tape

Kick streamer Adin Ross has denied it’s him in an alleged sex tape after a leaked explicit clip went viral on social media, with many attributing it to the streamer. Adin was doing a basketball stream when the incident occurred, and after his audience started to ask questions, he flatly rejected the claims that it was him in the leaked video.

Alleged leaks of explicit clips attributed to celebrities are nothing new, with popular rapper Drake recently being the victim of one such accusation. As one of the most popular kick streamers, Adin Ross has millions of fans worldwide, with many interested in knowing whether it was him on the tape.

Fans react to Adin Ross denying allegations after explicit clip goes viral

Adin Ross is quite a controversial figure and has been embroiled in several scandals. Since moving to Kick, he has made headlines after he opened an adult website while streaming on the platform, later bragging to fellow streamers about how he could not get banned. His antics have even caught the attention of Kick co-founder Ed Craven, who has stated that some of his behavior cannot be allowed on the website.

As for the current controversy, an alleged explicit video of two people went viral on social media, with many claiming that the man in the tape was none other than Adin Ross. Considering his popularity, the video naturally garnered much attention from fans before it reached the streamer himself.

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His denial about having any part in that video has led to even more trolling from fans online, with many doubling down and claiming that it was him.

Here are some general reactions and memes shared by fans on X in response to the clip:

Recently, Adin has possibly been going through some relationship problems after many of his fans accused his rumored girlfriend, Demisux, of lying to him about meeting her parents.

Adin reacted emotionally to the situation and claimed many had treated him unfairly. Those interested may want to read more about how Adin Ross reacted to the Demisux allegations.

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