Watch: Ruben Lanao sex tape video leak; Sylvestre Dangondi’s Accordion Player Goes Viral on Social Media

Accordion Virtuoso Silvestre Dangond's Rubén Lanao Goes Viral Amid Sex Tape Leak

Born on May 12, 1980, Silvestre Francisco Dangond Corrales is a famous Colombian singer. He inherited his musical roots from his family. His father was a famous musician and singer, while his mother also came from an artistic and musical background.His father’s name was William José “El Palomo” Dangond Baquero. During high school, his love for music increased, and he joined an accordion group, where he created his first song with his bandmate, Rubén Lanao.

Dangond’s Accordion Player Rubén Lanao’s Video Goes Viral On The Internet

In 2002, he released his debut album, Tanto para-Ti, which gained massive popularity. People expressed their appreciation for his diverse musical knowledge, which he had incorporated into his music. However, currently, a sex tape leak involving Rubén Lanao is leading to a massive controversy online, reaching the headlines and sparking widespread debate. As we know, fans and netizens online look for the smallest reasons to create memes and bond with each other online. The viral tape has become a topic of discussion.

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This tension between Dangond and his accordion player, Rubén Lanao, has become a very hot topic for fans to gossip about. Though neither of them has stated their point regarding this whole controversy yet, when Ruben was asked about his sex tape leak, he did not give a straight answer but laughed it off.

According to online media reports, the viral video, which lasts a few seconds, shows Rubén having private moments with an unidentified girl. The unidentified girl in the video later became the topic of the joke as her makeup stayed on throughout the video, and netizens asked for her makeup artist’s number.

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