A Slice of LA’s Pizza History

A Slice of LA's Pizza History

Los Angeles has had a long love affair with pizza. Ever since the first pizzerias opened in LA’s Little Italy neighborhood around the turn of the 20th century, pizza in LA has taken on a life of its own.

The classic thin-crust pizza was initially introduced by Italian immigrants. Over time, LA developed its own unique pizza styles, like the famous California-style pizza with a thicker crust, lots of toppings, and fresh ingredients. Popular chains like California Pizza Kitchen brought creative pizza recipes to the mainstream.

Today, pizza in Los Angeles offers limitless options, from traditional Neapolitan and New York slices to gourmet pizzas topped with everything from barbecued chicken to duck confit. You can find pizzerias representing tastes from all over the world, showing LA’s diversity. Pizza has also become a versatile meal and snack for every dining scenario in this fast-paced city.

Introducing Woodland Hills’ Puzzle Pizza

The newest destination for pizza lovers in LA is Puzzle Pizza, located in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley. Puzzle Pizza was founded in 2022 by a husband-and-wife team who wanted to bring an authentic neighborhood pizzeria vibe to their community.

The inviting restaurant has a laidback atmosphere with an industrial-chic interior. The menu focuses on high-quality, artisanal pizzas freshly prepared with California-sourced ingredients. Guests can build their own pizza combinations or try one of Puzzle Pizza’s signature pies.

What really makes Puzzle Pizza stand out is their commitment to premium toppings and creative flavor combinations you won’t find elsewhere. Guests rave about toppings like fresh burrata cheese, caramelized onions, and Calabrian chiles. The menu also features freshly baked wings, salads, and Italian desserts. Kids are welcome, with a dedicated children’s menu.

The Puzzle Pizza Experience

From the minute you walk into Puzzle Pizza, you feel like you’re visiting a cool neighborhood spot. The buzzing open kitchen shows off the pizza-making process. Tables are packed with lively conversations over pizza and draft beers. The friendly staff make you feel at home.

The pizza itself exceeds expectations. Each pie is meticulously prepared and loaded with high-quality meats, cheeses, and produce. The crust is just the right balance of crispy and chewy. Pizza lovers can taste the care and skill that go into each bite.

Why Locals Love Puzzle Pizza

Since opening in early 2022, Puzzle Pizza has won over the Woodland Hills community as the perfect local pizza place. Families appreciate the welcoming atmosphere for dining with kids. Groups of friends enjoy gathering for a casual dinner or drinks.

The generous portions, reasonable prices, and exceptional service make Puzzle Pizza a favorite neighborhood spot. Customers also love supporting a local small business that has become a community pillar in Woodland Hills.

For LA residents and visitors alike, Puzzle Pizza is absolutely worth a visit on your search for the city’s best pizza. You’ll find a delicious meal in an inviting setting that captures the spirit of pizza in LA today.

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