A sneak peak of Korean drama ‘Wedding Impossible’ premiering on Viki

The Korean drama ‘Wedding Impossible’ starring Jeon Jong-Seo, Moon Sang-min, Kim Do-wan, and Bae Yoon-kyung was released on February 26 in Viki. The drama is an adaptation of a webtoon with the same name that Song Jung-won and Lee Chung, respectively, wrote and illustrated.

A staged wedding

Na A-Jeong (played by Jeon Jong-Seo) works as an extra actress. She’s talented as an actress but is deprived of recognition for her work. She has acted as a married woman in films, but in reality, her dating life is far from the lovey-dovey wife she plays on screen.

She has a male friend named Lee Do-Han (played by Kim Do-Wan) whom she has known for 15 years. Lee Do-han is the son of a wealthy family that operates the LJ Group. His family constantly pressures him to get married. But, Do-han has a secret, unknown to his family, for which he can’t get married. He turns to his longtime friend Na A-jeong and asks to enter into a fictitious marriage out of frustration with his family’s nagging.

Ah-jeong agrees to help her friend, but Lee Do-han’s brother, Lee Ji-han, cuts in between. He goes to extreme lengths to sabotage their marriage. With Ji-han in between, will everyone discover the truth about Ah-jeong and Do-han’s relationship?

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Other K-dramas revolving around married couples

Marriage is one of the most popular themes in K-drama. These themes are mostly based on contractual marriages between two main characters in the drama that blossom into real relationships.

These dramas are comical, emotional, and filled with sweet romance. ‘Wedding Impossible’ is yet another addition to this theme. Some popular K-dramas based on the theme of marriage are – ‘My Demon’, ‘The Story of Park’s Contract Marriage’, ‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’, and ‘Business Proposal’.

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