K-pop Boy band THE BOYZ to make a comeback in March!

BOYZ to make comeback in March!

South Korean boy band THE BOYZ, under IST Entertainment, is gearing up for their March comeback. The group debuted on December 6, 2017.

‘Phantasy’ – the last installment in the trilogy

THE Boyz will make a comeback with their second full-length album this March. Their second full-length album, titled ‘Phantasy’ contains three parts. In August last year, IST Entertainment announced that ‘Phantasy’ would be released in three parts as a trilogy.

Accordingly, THE BOYZ band returned in August last year with the first part of the trilogy called ‘Christmas in August.’ The second part of the trilogy, titled ‘Sixth Sense,’ was released in November last year.

Now, IST Entertainment has made it official that the band will release the trilogy’s final part this March. According to IST Entertainment, the group has almost finished preparing for the album and is likely to come back in March.

‘Phantasy’ highlighting THE BOYZ allure

The album ‘Phantasy’ shows different sides of THE BOYZ. In the first part, ‘Christmas in August’, THE BOYZ showed their cute, fresh, and energetic side with their songs, featuring a single, ‘Lip Gloss’.

However, the second part, ‘Sixth Sense’, is much more mature, edgy, and mysterious. The theme focuses on two-faced love, and the single ‘Watch it’ highlights this, showcasing THE BOYZ’s charming duality.

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