Watch: Bill Gates’ Drinks Tea at Dolly Chaiwala in Nagpur, Video Goes Viral

Internet Breaker: Bill Gates' Unexpected Meetup with Dolly Chaiwala from Nagpur

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is on a visit to India and has the entire country talking about what and where his next stop will be.

On Wednesday, Gates shared a fun video of him having a cup of tea at a tea stall managed by Dolly Chaiwala. Dolly Chaiwala is famous across social media for his quirky way of making and selling tea. The social media maven, who has more than 10,000 followers, runs a tea stall in Nagpur.

Gates shared the now-viral video on Instagram with the caption: “In India, you can find innovation everywhere you turn– even in the preparation of a simple cup of tea!”

The video starts with Gates asking for a cup of chai from Dolly Chaiwala. The tea seller then prepares chai using his unique method. As Gates sips the hot beverage, he shares his excitement about being in India.

“I’m excited to be back in India, home to incredible innovators working on new ways to save and improve lives and even make a special cup of tea,” the text in the video reads. The video concludes with Gates looking forward to having discussions over tea, or chai per charcha while standing beside the tea seller.

Reactions On Post

Reacting to Bill Gates-Dolly Chaiwala meetup, Zomato wrote on its X (formerly Twitter) account: “Upto 60% off on chai even for Bill Gates (sic).” Shared over 15 hours ago on Instagram, the video has more than 14 lakh likes and numerous comments.

The post by Gates caught netizens by a sheer sense of surprise, as they were not able to believe what they were seeing. “I wonder if this is AI-generated,” a user said. “Is this a deepfake,” a user asked. “How much was the bill,” asked Swiggy India. “Time to leave the planet,” a user said in jest. “Damn!!! We share the same tapri,” a user said jocularly.

“Unexpected collab,” a user remarked. Another user said: “Bro whatttt??? What in the multiverse is this?” “Crossover we never expected,” yet another user noted. “What a crossover event,” another user said. “I am going to wash my eyes with one cup of chai because I can’t believe this is real,” another user reacted.

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