Trees for Ecotourism™ project is a giant leap towards a greener Uttarakhand

Trees for Ecotourism™ project is a giant leap towards a greener Uttarakhand

Over 2,50,000 indigenous trees have been planted already to counter the impact of climate change, developmental activities, and mass tourism

Climatologists in India have been attributing increasing anomalies of weather and uneven monsoon patterns, including rain deficits and flash floods, to climate change. Urgent action is needed to prevent worsening conditions that threaten biodiversity, lives, and livelihoods. Recent disasters in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand highlight the urgency of fortifying eco-sensitive regions against climate change, development, and tourism impacts.   

In August 2023, the National Green Tribunal directed the Border Roads Organization (BRO) to plant at least 10,000 trees within a month in Uttarakhand to compensate for hundreds of trees felled during the construction of a road from Simli to Gwaldam. However, social enterprise has already been working towards expanding the green cover of the state via the ‘Trees for EcotourismTM project.

It is currently actively engaged in afforestation activities in Tiyan, Devalsari, Kandari, Sunara, and Lodhan villages in Naugaon Block, Barkot Tehsil, and Uttarkashi. Pradip Shah, the co-founder of, says, “Climate change cannot be addressed in isolation because it is not just an environmental issue but has profound human ramifications. In Barkot, we are not only working towards repairing the ecological deficits but also supporting the local population, including underserved women, with livelihood opportunities.

The project aims to demonstrate that when the balance between the environment and tourism is restored, both can thrive in tandem and the project targets to plant around 4,75,000 trees, out of which over 2,50,000 indigenous trees have already been planted to safeguard the integrity of the state’s ecosystem. Such projects are much needed at a time when Uttarakhand has suffered an unprecedented loss of green cover.

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