Rebecca Ferguson Stands Up to Bullying Co-Star

Rebecca Ferguson

Supportive Words From Past Collaborators

Actress Rebecca Ferguson recently recalled a traumatic experience with an unnamed “absolute idiot” co-star who screamed at and mistreated her on set. Though she didn’t identify the bully, Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt – two previous co-stars – praised Ferguson for confronting bad behavior. Johnson called her his “guardian angel” while working together, saying “I love that woman.” Blunt confirmed she and Ferguson continue to share “nothing but love.”

Speaking Out Against Workplace Abuse

In a podcast interview, Ferguson described feeling “vulnerable and uncomfortable” as her verbally abusive scene partner unleashed frustration over struggling with scenes. The tirade brought Ferguson to tears and forced her to walk off set. But the next day, she told the actor: “You can f*** off. I’m going to work towards a tennis ball. I never want to see you again.”

Using Her Voice For Change

While scared of potential consequences, Ferguson said standing up to workplace harassment taught her not to stay silent. Her discussion with the director ensured improved conditions. Now knowing firsthand the power of speaking out, she won’t hesitate asserting herself against unacceptable behavior. “I use my voice a lot,” Ferguson explained.

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