Thai Miss Universe Owner Refutes Leaked Video Allegations on Inclusivity

Thai Miss Universe Owner Refutes Leaked Video Allegations on Inclusivity

Jaka Pong Jakrajutatip, a transgender woman in Thailand and the president of the Miss Universe organisation, broke her silence on a video in which she was not interested in promoting participation in beautiful pageants and said the video was “removed” to discredit her.

Jaka Pong reportedly said the decision to lift the age limit and allow transgender women, mothers, and married women to attend the event was “good communication.” “It’s a communication strategy because they can compete, but they can’t win,” she said in a viral video that was shared on social media.

Jaka Pong, who bought the platform for $ 20 million in 2022, accused an unnamed person as a “criminal” and added that the company’s supporters believe in “our emphasis on promoting multicultural values” and will not be deceived by these words. conflict.

About Leaked Video

“Videos of violence are taken out of context and used to manipulate others, leading to public confusion, misunderstanding, misinterpretation, and misjudgment,” she said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.—I still don’t understand why I’m happy to make this guy me and the organization when talking about a new event and not the nature layer itself. He stars locally in reality shows.

Jaka Pong, who identifies herself as a trans woman and mother, said she also supports gender equality.- Why should I live my life against my beliefs? God gave me a purpose in life; To promote and spread goodness. “I have the power to forgive this man and show the world that what we need in this world is love,” she said. Known as Thailand’s first transgender leader, Jaka Pong runs the Thailand for Inspiring Living Foundation, which advocates for transgender people’s rights to dignity and opportunity.

But Nepali beauty queen Jane Garrett was not convinced by Jaka Pong’s statement that last year’s contest was “rigged”. – Honey, I’ve known this was tricky since I walked on stage. “I realised our ‘inclusive’ girls have no chance of winning,” Garrett, the first plus-size woman to compete in Miss Universe, wrote on Instagram last week.

Some people on social media criticized Jaka Pong for promoting the lie, saying the video could be “damaging” to the organization. Other people also protested behind him, saying “All these detractors will eventually be defeated by their bad behavior.”

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