Instagram launches new feature; users can pin chats, edit typos, and more

Instagram users can now edit any typos on the platform, 15 minutes after sending them. Also, users can now pin 1:1 chats and groups for easy access. The limit is, however, up to 3 groups or individual chats. You can pin up to 3 groups or 3 individual chats, or maybe you can pin 2 individual chats and 1 group totaling 3 and vice versa. You can mix and match accordingly.

How to edit and pin a chat on Instagram?

Firstly, you need to have the app’s latest version installed. To edit a chat, long press on the text you want to edit and it will open the menu. From the menu select the edit option. But, don’t forget that you can edit only up to 15 minutes after sending the text, later to which it won’t be able to edit it. In that case, you can unsend your message and re-write it.
To pin a chat, swipe left on the profile or group you want to pin and select the pin option. To unpin a chat, you need to follow the same steps.

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Other features being offered by Instagram

Instagram is introducing its latest feature that will allow its users to turn off read receipts, save their favorite stickers, as well as reply to a message using a sticker, gif, photo, or video, adding a new horizon to Instagram messaging.

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