Hyderabad IT minister KT Rama Rao Visiting US to attract investors

Over a decade ago, when smart cities were just a thought spawning in the heads of the urban development planners in India, cities like Hyderabad and Chennai were the at epitome of urbanity. Former CM of Chandrababu Naidu has been massively accredited with this success for Hyderabad.

This earned him titles like ‘IT Indian of the year’, ‘Business Person of the year’ and ‘South Asian of The Year’. IT minister of Telangana KT Rama Rao has been doing the rounds on the internet with his apparent efforts of reviving that image of Hyderabad.

The first reign of Congress saw cities like Bangalore and Gurgaon rise as the first smart cities in the country. In time, this attracted about $5 billion in investments in startups. On one hand Bangalore has always been regarded as the Silicon Valley of India, on the other Hyderabad looked to advance to give some competition. However, due to the social-political unrest in the area spawned an economic unrest, leading to the stagnancy in development.

The smart cities program introduced by PM Modi has listed 33 cities so far, and Hyderabad is one of them. As far as the funds that are going to go into quick-starting the city to becoming a smart-city, the central govt. Is going to provide Rs. 500 crore in the coming four years, and the rest of the funds will be raised by the state government.

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After returning from the US in 2004, KT Rama Rao joined the UPA in 2006. Later he resigned and joined the Telangana Rashtra Samithi so that he could actively participate in making Telangana.

The “grand ambition” here seems to be making Hyderabad a global city. Creating Telangana according to many politicians including KTR was necessary. ‘The ‘Young Tiger’ as named by his fans down south, has had a major PR success in the recent past. He was awarded the Most Inspirational Icon of the Year 2015 by CNN-IBN.

According to Firstpost, the plan here is to do a week-long visit to the US and persuade investors to show interest in Hyderabad. Interestingly enough, there have been allegations against KT Rama Rao’s family, including his father and CM K Chandrasekhar Rao of image building by using influence and money. However, for the sake of PM Modi’s brilliant campaign, one can hope that this is not true.

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