Video: SRK insulted at Ambani Pre-Wedding! Fans Angry Over Viral Clip

Video: SRK insulted at Ambani Pre-Wedding! Fans Angry Over Viral Clip

The three-day pre-wedding carnival of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant concluded on March 3. All the A-listers of Bollywood, Cricketers, as well as Hollywood stars and Global entrepreneurs, attended the ceremony. The big fat Indian wedding was a memorable affair and drew ample public attention. After all, the Ambani’s are not known to cut corners!

Several footage from the event went viral. The video of the three Khans of Bollywood, Amir, Salman, and Shahrukh dancing to ‘Naatu Naatu’ put their fans in a frenzy! Fans went all gaga over their favorite celebs. However, there is one particular video that has surfaced recently, causing outrage among SRK fans. Those specific fans claim that King Khan of Bollywood was insulted at the wedding event!

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SRK insulted at Ambani Pre-Wedding! Fans Angry Over Viral Clip

More details

In the viral discussed video, Ranbir Kapoor can be seen grooving to the beats of Punjabi music and SRK can be seen enjoying himself and clapping. Also, the elder brother of Anant Ambani, Akash Ambani can be seen dancing along with other guests. A few moments later, Ranbir can be seen interacting with SRK, while Akash walks towards the crowd to escort her mother Nita Ambani.

SRK insulted at Ambani Pre-Wedding! fans angry

As Akash with his mother Nita walk towards the center, Ranbir and Shahrukh move ahead but pause for a brief moment to discuss something. On the other hand, Nita Ambani can be seen walking ahead and holding SRK’s hand. But, Akash interrupts them and it seems like he urges SRK to step back so they can dance. Meanwhile, another person approaches SRK with a drink.

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Some fans of SRK went berserk over the viral clip and accused Akash Ambani of insulting the Bollywood superstar! Several people posted the video online, criticizing Akash.

Insult or Misunderstanding?

It seems that certain delicate fans of SRK overreacted to the clip and needless to say accused Akash of being a rude brat. However, it is nothing but a misunderstanding as the Ambanis are known for their humble and polite attitude towards their friends and guests. Akash Ambani’s ‘insulting’ SRK seems to be a rumor spread by the gossip mongers to tarnish the Ambani’s image.


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