Kerala Village Meenangadi Initiatives for Zero Carbon Footprint

Kerala Village Meenangadi Initiatives for Zero Carbon Footprint

The World celebrated Environment Day’ on June 05, and on the same day, a small village in Kerala, India, has taken a bold step for a better future.

A village in Wayanad named Meenangadi has set up a good example by attempting to emerge as the first village in the state with Zero Carbon Footprint.

The think tank behind this new initiative is Thomas Isaac himself. Beena Vijayan, President of Meenangadi Village told that the idea was first presented to her last December by Thomas Isaac.

At that time, Thomas had reached India after attending the Paris Climate Conference. Under this project, experts will try to analyze the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere and take necessary measures to neutralize it.

The initiative will be operated with the help of the State Government and other authorities. Dr. TM Thomas Isaac, honorable Finance Minister of Kerala, launched this initiative on Environment Day. This new attempt has emerged as the hottest talking topic among environmentalists all over the nation.

This new initiative will be carried out in association with “Thanal”, department of Zoology in the Kannur University. M S Swaminathan Research Foundation will also be providing resources for the study.

The project, named “Go Green,” will initially conduct the audit in areas covering 9000 houses and find steps to reduce the emission rates.

After the project’s launch, T M Thomas Isaac said that Meenangadi would set an excellent example for other areas in the state. He added that agricultural products from this area would carry the Zero Carbon tag once the aim is achieved.

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