India-Pakistan Childhood Friends Emotional Reunion in Viral US Video

Emotional Reunion of India-Pakistan Childhood Friends in Viral US Video

The duo, who separated during the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, did not let their friendship die.

It allows us to get caught up in the wave of nostalgia and remember our golden years through photo albums and old videos. Recently, a grandson shared a video of himself seeing his grandfather and his childhood friend meet and hug each other.

The two were separated during the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, but their friendship remained. In 2023, they made the day even more special by greeting each other on the birthday of one of them.

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35 years after they first met in 1982, he brought the audience from an elders’ meeting in the United States to his grandson’s song about the birth of Jesus. Interestingly, this April in New Jersey It is believed that they will reunite in 2024 to celebrate the Indian man’s 90th birthday in .

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Regarding relations between old friends, the woman wrote: “Despite the passage of time, old age restrictions and travel restrictions, my grandfather still wants to be with the person he loves most and with his childhood friend whom he has not seen for years. Both grew up in Disha, Gujarat, just a few hours from the Pakistan border. “

He also pointed out that his grandfather’s childhood friend escaped to a new place by boat with his family in mid-October. Only later did he learn that it was for the best, while his grandfather was a student in Bombay. He captioned the Instagram video: “1948 to 1982 They had no contact until 1999, when they reconnected at a meeting with a mutual friend in New York.”

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