Holi 2024: Date, Timing, History, Significance, and More – Everything You Need to Know

Holi 2024: Date, Timing, History, Significance, and More - Everything You Need to Know

Holi 2024: This year the festival of colors will be celebrated on Monday, March 25, 2024. Learn about the history, history and importance of Holi.

Holi – the festival of colors – is celebrated with great joy in India. People plan to celebrate the festival by organizing family gatherings for their friends and family. It is one of the most popular festivals in India. Holi is traditionally a festival of colors, hence the name festival of colours. On this day, people enjoy sweets like gujiya, make rangoli and celebrate with friends and family. The Hindu spring festival is usually celebrated in India and Nepal.

When is Holi in 2024?

This year Holi will be celebrated on Monday, March 25. People will perform Holika Dahan puja on March 24.

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Holi Timings 2024

The auspicious time of Holi is between 19:19 to 21:38. People pray to fire for the happiness and health of their family. This time is also the victory of good over evil.


According to the belief, the name Holi comes from Holika, the evil sister of the evil king Hiranyakashyap.

One of the famous legends tells the story of Prahlada, a devoted follower of Lord Vishnu, and his miraculous escape from the demon king Hiranyakashipu’s with the help of the Holika Sinister party.

This story, which tells about the victory of good over evil, constitutes the main theme of the festival.

Another popular story is about the celebration of Lord Krishna painting Radha’s face with colors, which paved the way for the joyful use of colors during Holi.

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Historical literature and ancient drama, such as Harsha’s Ratnavali, use colors to describe the spring festival.

Meaning of Holi

Holi marks the arrival of spring and symbolizes the victory of colors over the dullness of winter.

Especially this season, Holi also promotes unity and brings people together regardless of religion or differences. Legends like the story of Prahlada and Holika add character.

This holiday encourages forgiveness, harmony and harmony, providing a curtain for joy. It is rooted in culture and includes singing, dancing and special dishes.

Holi is celebrated in India. People throw and smear colored powders, play with water balloons and enjoy songs and dances.

Today people prepare special sweets like gujiya and dandai to enhance the taste of the festival.

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Happy Holi everyone.

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