Elon Musk Accuses OpenAI of Deception with Explosive New Logo Reveal

Elon Musk Accuses OpenAI of Deception with Explosive New Logo Reveal

A few days ago Mr. Musk said he would drop his lawsuit against OpenAI if it agreed to change its name to “ClosedAI.”

Billionaire Elon Musk recently filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and its CEO Sam Altman. He accused them of violating the contract he signed in 2015 when he helped recruit ChatGPT’s founders. He claimed that they violated the AI startup’s hiring goals by neglecting to prioritize the benefit of people. Elon Musk’s lawyers said in the lawsuit that the Microsoft-backed company violated the agreement by acting profit-oriented. It is worth noting that Elon Musk joined OpenAI in 2015, but left the company’s board of directors in 2018.

Now the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has just announced the department’s Company “logo” and called it “wrong.” Elon Musk posted a photo of OpenAI’s new logo on X and said: “The new OpenAI logo is really successful.” The image shows the word “OpenAI” on a black background. Also, the word “wrong” is used in the company’s name.

A few days ago, Musk said he would drop his lawsuit against OpenAI if OpenAI agreed to change the company’s name to “‘ClosedAI”. Musk said to One user commented, “If you zoom in on the text you actually reveal the word ‘LIE haha'”

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One user commented “This is the real CloseAI which is also a lie”

One user said He added: “Wow, that means a lot.”

“Now I can say that by doing these things you have lost trust and integrity. There’s nothing wrong with the campaign, but now every tweet of yours feels the same,” one person added.

On March 6, the AI company released its private email process with Elon Musk in response to the lawsuit. “For the people we know who are going through this “We’re so happy; the one who inspired us to aim higher, then told us we’d fail, created a competitor, and then proceeded to sue us for failing OpenAI’s mission would be complete without him,” they said in a blog post.

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In 2017, they said, “We all know we will need more funding to complete our work; billions of dollars a year, more than any of us, especially Elon, could have imagined. They say: “It is possible to increase our work as a nonprofit organization’s revenue.”

According to blogs and emails, Musk said companies were “using Tesla as a cash cow.” But when the OpenAI team refused, he “gave up on OpenAI, saying our chances of success were 0” and Tesla He added that he plans to create an AGI competitor.

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