Video: Jackie Chan dances with Sonu Sood on a Punjabi number

Legendary martial artist-actor Jackie Chan, accompanied by actor Sonu Sood, in a rare scene was seen grooving to the Daler Mehendi Punjabi number ‘Tunak tunak tun’, at the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival, on 14 June.

The duo were up on stage promoting their film “Kung Fu Yoga”, when they performed the impromptu bit, and needless to say that the Chinese legend aced it.

This film is a part of a three-film agreement between the two countries (one that was agreed upon during the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to India).

Jackie Chan dances with Sonu Sood

The two are co-starred by Amyra Dastur. Directed by Stanley Tong, this film that was shot in Jaipur and Iceland is said to have some adrenaline pumping action sequences.

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Sonu Sood tweeted during the event a picture of them holding hands at the red carpet, with a caption that read “With the most humble man I know.”

He also tweeted a classic mode B/W pic of the entire team from the film:

This three film deal is an attempt at improving the political relations between the countries through a common medium that is extremely popular in both the countries. With the exchange of technologies in the electronics field, this might just be the

With the exchange of technologies in the electronics field, this might just be the kick-off to another domain to accomplish it.

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