‘Supersex’ Unleashes Dazzling Drama and Irresistibly Steamy Scenes on Netflix

“Supersex” was created by Italian author Francesca Manieri (We Are Who We Are) and inspired by the real life of Italian porn legend Rocco Siffredi.

Decider reported The show premiered in 2004, when it was at the height of its power. When Rocco (Alessandro Borghi) arrives at the porn fair in Paris, he’s treated like a cross between the Beatles and Barack Obama, only sexier. But his question-and-answer model goes awry when he finds his brother Tommaso (Adriano Giannini) dead in the audience.

Desperate, Rocco announces his retirement, but his beautiful landlady, Noemi (Noemi Brando) begs him not to leave it behind. You see, she came to Paris just to shoot a porn movie with him! It captivated him and the audience immediately took him in as they watched.

She used the eyes of the crowd to show him that she was nothing but flesh against them. Noemi seems to like it.A cold open like this makes it clear and immediate that “Supersex” is actually about sex.

However, later a relationship develops between us and the character Rocco. Rocco’s own emotions become the engine that drives “Supersex’s” journey of power as he looks back to his poor childhood in Ortona and learns that sex has become a great strength for him in the life he was weakened by.

Little Rocco Tano (played by Marco Fiore) wants the love of his beloved gentle mother, Carmela (played by Tania Gariba), but focuses on the boy Claudio (Emanuele Bracone). When he was little, gypsies used to hit his head with sticks.

On the contrary, the person who loves Rocco the most is Rocco’s brother Tommaso (Francisco Pellegrino). Although there are rumors that Tommaso is the illegitimate son of a sex worker who lives with Thanos’ family, this does not really matter.

Lucia (Eva Serra), the handsome 21-year-old star queen bee, brings home money (from where?) for Carmela and provides unparalleled support for Rocco. Tommaso is Rocco’s whole world.

The day Claudio died, sex entered Rocco’s world. Rocko finds “Supersex”, a comic book about a superhero whose power is sexuality, on the side of the road. This opened up a new world for him in many ways.

Along with the opportunity to learn about the birds and the bees, local children now see Rocco as a hero. It will show the appearance of picture books, such as Immortal Joe giving water.Sex will also tear Rocco’s family apart. When the younger son learns firsthand that Tommaso girlfriend, Lucia, is also a sex worker, the family abandons the older son. He marries Lucia and moves to Paris, where young Rocco (Saul Nanni) joins Paris in episode 2.

There are orgies, BDSM, anal and oral sex and more, more. After all, Rocco is a porn star. There will be naked details! “Supersex” boldly tackles the subject of sexuality. Love, power, sex, shame, money, family… these forces threaten to tear Rocco apart at every turn. Supersex is committed to presenting this content in the most attractive way.

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