‘Young Royals’ S3 premieres; simultaneous documentary release in honor of the series!

'Young Royals' season finale

‘Young Royals’ is a Swedish drama meant for teenagers. The series is all set to premiere its season finale on Netflix. Viewers and the cast members are sad with the end of the successful drama.

The cast members look forward to the renewal of the series in the form of movies in upcoming years so the viewers can watch their favorite characters again on-screen!

Read more to find out about the plot and what to expect from the final season of ‘Young Royals’

Plot of ‘Young Royals Forever’

The story is about a fictional prince named Wilhelm (played by Edvin Ryding) and his love interest from school, Simon (played by Omar Rudberg)

The final season focuses on Wilhelm and Simon’s relationship. The couple has made their relationship public but faces additional challenges. Wilhelm’s family has been constantly putting pressure on him, which has caused a strain on their relationship. The series’ final episode will reveal whether the couple will win against the odds or split up. The final episode of the series will premiere on Netflix on March 18.

Malte Gardiner, who plays August in the series, said – “I’m pretty sure that people will feel happy with it. Some might not, but overall, it’s a solid ending.”

An exclusive documentary in honor of the series

As the series ends, an extraordinary documentary will be released alongside the season finale. The name of the documentary is – ‘Young Royal Forever.’
The documentary shares the process of production with the viewers as well as exclusive cast interviews. The actors reminisce about the characters they portrayed and their experiences while working together on set.

Young Royals cast features Edvin Ryding, Nikita Uggla, Frida Argento, Malte Gardinger, and Omar Rudberg in crucial roles. The series was created by Lisa Ambjörn, Camilla Holter, and Lars Beckung and produced by Lars Beckung under the Nexiko AB production house.

The official synopsis for the series read – “The prince and Simon are determined to be together, but what are they willing to sacrifice when realizing that their freedom and love might be at odds with the Royal ideas, traditions, and responsibilities?”

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