Microsoft new Xbox One S is sleeker and is compatible with 4K TV

The Microsoft new Xbox One S is likely to be showcased at E3 today, and if rumors are right, the next iteration of the gaming console will be slimmer and cheaper. Two images were leaked on the NeoGAF forums where a brief description of the console was also available.

The latest iteration is 40% slimmer than its forerunner and features a two terabyte hard drive and Blu-ray player. The first gaming console from Microsoft boasted a 3.5-inch HDD, but this time, it is a smaller 2.5-inch laptop-style.

The latest version of Xbox One is compatible with 4K TVs and also supports high dynamic range. HDR gives a better sense of contrast and makes the colors livelier.

new xbox 0ne

However, the console is not powerful enough to enable users to play games at 4K resolution. You can play the House of Cards in 4K though.

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The existing Xbox one features three large copper heat pipes with multiple fins and a fan much akin to a PC CPU. Since the latest version is rumored to be 40% smaller, it must be featuring some new compact thermal solution.

The most recent iteration of Xbox is white in color and could be placed on a vertical stand. Since the power brick is incorporated into the body of the device much akin to PlayStation 4, the final product will be much smaller.

The leaked page also mentions that the controller has been streamlined. However, the change is not discernable from the leaked images of the controller except that it is white in color.

The Redmond-based company had also released an enhanced version of Xbox controller which also featured a built-in microphone jack port, as well as the Xbox One Elite controller.

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The latest leaks, however, do not reveal anything about the price or the launch date of the console. There has been no comment Microsoft about the purported leaks.

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