Elizabeth Hurley’s Bold Move: Partnering with Son for Steamy Film Scenes and Bikini Shoots

Elizabeth Hurley's Bold Move: Partnering with Son for Provocative Film Scenes and Bikini Shoots

Elizabeth Hurley praised her son Damian Hurley for making her feel “safe” while filming Top Secret.58-year-old Elizabeth and 21-year-old Damian were asked about their roles in the movie Secret.

Appearing on Access Hollywood on Sunday, March 17, the mother-son duo defended their previous statements about Damian taking Elizabeth’s bikini photos.- It’s comforting to know someone behind the camera is watching. “It’s like a movie for you,” Elizabeth explained of Damien’s first directorial lead. “Having him here means I feel safe and cared for.”

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Elizabeth said that having her son behind the camera made her feel comfortable and added: “I know he will take care of me.” For this reason, working with family is liberating. I would do it again. -In an interview, Damian talked about his “controversial” decision to photograph his mother in a bikini.

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Show business has been an essential part of my life, so it means nothing to us,” he said. – It’s just part of the job. He took my photos. I took his photo. -Damian also talked about Heaven’s hard work. Since the project was a low-budget film, the team had only 18 days to shoot all the scenes.

Every second counts. You can’t sit, think about the situation, and say, “Oh, what happened?” You can’t think. Maybe,” he explained. “You just have to get out there and do what your body can do as quickly as possible.

“Secret” will be released on April 5 and will tell the story of Mia (Georgia Lock) Lock On the anniversary of her best friend’s death, she travels to her Caribbean home. During their stay, Mia learns that everyone in the family is keeping secrets as she tries to discover what happened to her friend.

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Elizabeth Hurley's Partnering with Son for Steamy Film Scenes and Bikini Shoots

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Trailer: After working with his mother, Damian took to social media to praise her for his Promise project. I want to idolize @ElizabethHurley1, who promised me during the production of my first short film in 2010 (“when?” I was eight years old”). She wrote on Instagram in December 2022 that she would be in my first film.

The beautiful Caribbean is here to help. It was a dream to work together. Damian added: “This has been the most incredible experience, professionally and personally. I’ve made many friends and learned many important things that I’m very proud of. I’m very proud of the film.”

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