National Chocolate Caramel Day 2024: History And How to Celebrate

National Chocolate Caramel Day 2024: History And How to Celebrate

If you love caramel-filled chocolate, then this day is for you! National Chocolate Caramel Day falls on March 19 and it celebrates the heavenly combo of chocolate and caramel existing together in one dessert.

History of ‘National Chocolate Caramel Day’

There are no records mentioned in history that can trace back the exact origin of caramel. However, according to historians, caramel originated in America between 1650 to 1880, when the settlers who reached America started making hard candies.

These candies were later on developed into caramel when an individual mixed fat and milk into boiling sugary water. This gave rise to a golden-colored caramel! During this time, refined sugar was inaccessible and costly, therefore juice extracted from sugar beets was used in making caramel.

‘Caramel Chocolates’ – delight in every bite!

The origins of chocolate can be traced to Mesoamerica in 1750 BCE. The Mesoamericans used cacao beans to prepare a rich, flavorful drink.

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They fell in love When the settlers arrived and found out about the drink. The drink was then exported to Europe where it became people’s favorite. Therefore, the chocolate that we consume today has evolved from this exotic drink.

However, the combo of chocolate paired with buttery rich flavored caramel was first introduced by Mr Milton Hershey. The world received a new flavor of chocolate known as caramel chocolate, which became a heavenly sensation among consumers. National Chocolate Caramel Day celebrates this sensational duo in the chocolate world.

How to celebrate ‘National Chocolate Caramel Day’

You can give yourself and your loved ones a little treat on this National Chocolate Caramel Day. Go to a store and pick out your favorite brand of caramel-flavoured chocolate and indulge in its rich taste.

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To honor the day, you can also look up recipes for caramel treats and make them at home.

Share the joy of National Chocolate Caramel Day by giving out caramel treats to children and your loved ones.

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