‘Bigg Boss 17’ Celebs Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan’s Private Video Leaked, Fans Shocked

Bigg Boss 17 Celebs Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan's Private Video Leaked, Fans Shocked

The latest behind-the-scenes footage of “Bigg Boss 17” celebrities Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan from their upcoming movie has gone viral.

“Big Boss 17” mainly shows the relationship between Munawar Faruqui and Ayesha Khan and the friendship between Munawar Faruqui and Abhishek Kumar.

But what caught the most attention after Bigg Boss 17 was Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan’s friendship or so-called romance. Be it sharing videos on Instagram, or promoting each other’s work or other events, Abhishek and Ayesha’s relationship has grown after Bigg Boss 17.

Now photos of the duo’s first video together have recently surfaced, keeping fans waiting for their arrival first collaboration.

Big Boss 17 fame Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan’s new movie is going viral

Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan are currently shooting a movie in Patiala. Recently, a behind-the-scenes video of the process was leaked in which Abhishek and Ayesha can be seen clearly.

Viewed from behind, Abhishek was looking to the left while Ayesha’s dress caught everyone’s attention. She was seen wearing traditional clothes and she was seen wearing very beautiful traditional clothes. Music is very lonely.

Watch the video below:

Times of india reported, Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan were recently seen together in Goa. It is not clear whether the duo came to Goa to work on a project or to have fun with friends. The duo also shared several photos and videos from Goa, further fueling speculations that they are actually dating or more than just friends.

Although Abhishek did not address the ongoing rumors, Ayesha said that she and Abhishek are just friends and there is nothing else between them.

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