HP Spectre, The world’s thinnest laptop price, review and features

PC maker HP Inc is going to launch the most lightweight laptop – HP Spectre in India on Tuesday 20 June 2016. The company has sent invitations for the fourth estate, and the punch line on the invitation card reads “come to experience the convergence of art with technology.”

The latest lappy is touted to be the thinnest in the world and is as thick as an AAA battery. It measures 10.4 mm inn breadth and weighs slightly more than 1 kg. It is much thinner than Apple’s MacBook (13.2mm thick) and Dell’s XPS 13 (15.2mm thick). Dell’s XPS 13 (15.2mm thick).

The device is operated by a sixth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processor and carries a price tag of $1,249 internationally as compared to the Core M processors used in another notebook.

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thinnest laptop

The laptop boasts a full HD screen which is 13.3 inch diagonally edge to edge. It incorporates a PCIe solid-state drive with a storage capacity of 512 GB and an 8 GB RAM.

The device features 3 USB Type – C ports two of which support Thunderbolt and a headphone jack. The body of the laptop uses mostly Aluminum and carbon fiber, and this has enabled HP to make the product as sleek as possible.

The World’s Thinnest Laptop – HP Spectre


Another new feature is the new heat pipe which transfers heat from the processor, and there are provisions for two more fans to release the heat from the back.

Another innovative adaptation is the hybrid battery which has been split into two thinner pieces but delivering the same power as a single battery for up to nine and a half hour of uninterrupted power.

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Check the complete specs and features at Hp.com here.

hp spekctre

Some interesting design changes have also been incorporated especially the brand new angular logo on the back of the machine which looks much sleeker and sharper than the ugly circle logo we are used to seeing in previous HP products. The sound box are placed on either side of the keyboard, and the inside hinge is curved, open arc.

The new HP Laptop will be available in India from 21 June.

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