‘Lootere’ TV Show Streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar; a story based on true incident!

'Lootere' TV Show Streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar; a story based on true incident!

Directed by Jai Mehta, ‘Lootere’ is a Hindi language series based on real-life incidents. The series will premiere on March 22, exclusively on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Plot of ‘Lootere’

The adrenaline-packed series is based on a true incident where an Indian ship gets hijacked mid-way in Somalian waters. The story features a man from Bihar named Jadhav who travels from Bihar to Kenya along with his family. Amid their peaceful journey, the ship gets hijacked and the passengers get embroiled in violent crimes. What happens next is what the series is about.

Lootere has a theme song by Achint Mehta that perfectly captures the tone and theme of the story and gives you goosebumps.

Director Jai Mehta said, “Achint and I go way back. We’ve known each other since college. He’s always had a distinct sound and style. We share a common love for music. I have seen him grow as a musician and composer. Working with Achint was a no-brainer.

Not only is he my closest collaborator, he’s also my closest friend. We’ve got a smooth working rhythm when it comes to telling stories through music. Lootere is fresh, energetic, and exciting; it’s something nobody has seen before. And just like the show, the soundtrack has the same spirit.

Achint took my vision and ran with it. What he has created is phenomenal. I can easily say that this is his best work yet. And together, we’ll continue to deliver some memorable sounds and music to the audiences.”

Cast and crew members

The cast includes Rajat Kapoor, Deepak Tijori, Amruta Khanvilkar, Vivek Gomber, and Chandan Roy Sanyal in key roles. The series is penned by Jay Mehta, Vaibhav Vishal, Vishal Kapoor and Suparn Verma and produced by Shailesh R Singh under the Karna Media and Entertainment banner.

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